Jun 25, 2010

Can God create a big rock, even He cannot lift it?

"Can God create a big rock, even He cannot lift it?"

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this question. There're other versions as well, such as, "Can God create another God?"

So here's the thing, if you say NO, that means God is NOT powerful, bcoz there are things that God CANNOT create.

But if you say YES, it also shows that God is WEAK, because He can't lift the rock, or in the 2nd question, there will be TWO GODS!

So how to respond to this?

If someone asks you this, you answer the question with another question..

"My friend JOHN, is admitted to a hospital because he is giving birth. Can you guess the gender of the baby? Boy or girl?"

They would say that THE QUESTION IS ILLOGICAL, because how can a guy give birth?

So, tell them.. Similarly, the question about God is too, ILLOGICAL.. Bcoz by definition, God is omnipotent, and also one and only. So i can't answer the question because it's illogical itself.



Adapted from the book i translated, Media & Islam, originally by Dr. Zakir Naik.


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