Jun 27, 2010

Malu dengan Dr. Salk!

Of course all medical students are familiar with the name Salk; the inventor for the polio vaccine.

Instead of using his genius to make a ton of money, Dr. Jonas Salk [1914-1995] spent all his time putting monkey kidneys in a blender, trying to find a cure for polio. And when he did, he decided to give it away for free.

This man could have been rich many times over, had he sold his vaccine to a pharmaceutical company. But he thought his talents should be used for the greater good.

And the decent salary he made as a doctor and a research professor was enough for him to live a comfortable life.

When asked, "Who owns the patent on this vaccine?"

"Well, the people, i would say. There's no patent. Would you patent the sun? [laughing humbly]"


Quoted from the documentary 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

p/s: He was an American of Russian-Jewish descendant! Malu tak, malu tak?

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