Oct 26, 2010

200th post!


This is officially my 200th post in this blog (^^)

My 100th post was written on 16 Sept 2009
So it's ok i think to say that i write roughly about 100 posts a year.

So that's about, once every 3.65 days! ;p

I don't update my blog often.
I do it only when i'm emotional.. Or have something to say.
And definitely during the exam period! When the writing hormone is raging..hehe

Anyways, thanks y'all who have been reading my blog and leaving good comments.

I hope all my words will be considered as amal jariah (literally means continuous deeds - because it will continue to benefit people -i hope- even after i'm long gone), and hopefully they will not go against me on the Day of Resurrection (^_~)

Please pray for me so that i continue to write and give benefit to ummah for yeaars to come. Amin.

Oh, feel like sharing with u this funny quote:

"Children are like farts.. You always think your own are inoffensive but other people's are soo repulsive."


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