May 16, 2011

Afterlife pension

Some people can achieve a lot in an hour or so. Some people can't even get one thing done in a day. That is what we call 'keberkatan masa', and it is pretty much dependent on Him who owns time.

So when our daily schedule is all messed up and unmanageable, it's only logical to ask Him to make it sorted up, so that our short lives will be well spent =)

We can't risk wasting our time on something unproductive. Ummat Muhammad s.a.w. already have shorter life span compared to those before us. While they could do their ibadah for hundreds of years, we can only make it to our 60's. 70's tops.

But despite the downside, Allah has offered us something more special than a long lifespan. Because He knew that we are an easily-distracted creature. Long lifespan doesn't always mean more ibadah. It can also mean more maksiat.

So He created a loophole system.

  • Lailatul Qadar = A night in which the ibadah is better than 1000 months / 83 years.
  • Set a good example = Teach a person something good, and as long as he's doing it, you'll get the reward even after you die. If that person teaches it to some other people, you'll get the commission too. Kinda like the MLM system.
  • Charity = Give something as a charity, and as long as it gives benefits to people, you'll get the reward even after you die. [Read more here]
..and so many more. In a way, our lifespan is automatically prolonged. An afterlife pension, if you will. Now tell me, what could be better than that :)

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