Oct 27, 2009

Misconception: Plastic Surgery


"Doesn't save lives."

"Sees boobs every day."

"Working merely for money."

"A bad muslim doctor. He/she'll definitely go to hell."


Those are some of the most common response I've heard when people are talking about plastic surgeons.. It's like they all are concerned only with the superficial stuffs like giving breast enlargements, nose jobs, facial reconstructive surgeries, liposuction, face lifts, botox etc.. That's what makes them somewhat less humane and having less ethics compared to doctors from other specialization..

They drive a Mercedes S-Class.. True.. They practically live in paradise.. True.. But do those things make them somewhat eligible to the accusations people are making?

Despite of not having to complete a four-years course to become a general surgeon, they are actually 'real' doctors.. They finished 5 or 6 (or more) years of medical school.. They had to undergo the painful two-years phase of serving as a houseman and (at least) another two years as a medical officer in government hospitals.. In a nutshell, they do know how to manage patients and 'save lives'..

Being a plastic surgeon, is not as superficial as we think it is.. It's mainly because most of us are confused with the term 'cosmetic surgery', which is a branch of plastic surgery..

Cosmetic surgery concerns with the procedure of improving the appearance of a part of the body, e.g. the shape of the nose or the size of the breasts. Meanwhile, plastic surgery is defined as a surgery to repair damaged tissue. It is the branch of surgery that is concerned with repairing especially external damage to the body, remedying impairments, or improving a person's appearance.

And that includes several medical cases that really require some skills and efforts as a doctor, and are not at all SUPERFICIAL.. For instance:

Patients with cleft lip & palate..

Patient with periauricular tag..

Patient with anotia (absence of external ear)

Burn victims..


Now see the importance?

Although some might say that being a plastic surgeon doesn't save much lives, they do in fact, contribute a huge role in improving patients lives physically and emotionally..

Thus, it is very wrong to assume that plastic surgeons are useless and concerned only with the superficial part of patients' body.. Contrary to the popular beliefs, plastic surgeons, if they know how to tell right and wrong, can also be a good muslim and contribute to the ummah like any other doctors..

Shift your paradigm, you'll change the world! ;)


A k i said...

Salam'alaikum wbt,
Great article. I have to agree that plastic surgery has always had negative connotations associated with it. Partly maybe it's because most things that we heard related to it are in the tabloid media which involves *surprise!* celebrities and less on actual diseases.

Boleh saya minta izin utk sharekan artikel ni di edu.iluvislam?


Effy Saiful said...

Thanks.. Of course, silakan ;)