Feb 21, 2011

Gay Imam

Everyone now is talking about how oxymoronic the 'British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings' issue is. It sounds weird, i agree.

But it's funny how everybody is freaking out about it, but never offered even a single solution to this malignant problem. This is a very delicate issue. Gay muslims, they do exist in our community, whether we want to believe it or not. So we're looking at an inevitable problem here.

Islamic scholars, especially, must not condemn, but find a way to deal with these people. Guide them to the path of fitrah. It's a challenge. A new one, perhaps.

In what way, u ask?

There's counseling, group therapy or support group, like those of AA meetings, where they support each other to go back onto the straight path. Literally & figuratively ;p

It is proven to be working, unless if those people are planning on using it as a dating service to meet fellow gays ;p

And if u're looking for a more extreme approach, there is an illegal method used in the US where they force homosexuals to sit n watch gay porn & simultaneously giving them nauseating agents. So that the gay thoughts will be linked to nausea inside the brain. It's called 'conditioning'. But i wouldn't recommend that ;p

I've read a scientific article on the presence of 'gay gene' in The Best American Scientific Writing 2006.

They argued whether gayness is contributed by environmental factors alone or occurs genetically or hormonally inside the mother's womb.

This is very important. If it is proven scientifically regarding its presence, then the Islamic scholars should start discussing on how to be 'a good gay Muslim'.

It's not bullsh*t. They have scientific evidence to support their theory.

If u study medicine you'll know that everybody is female by default. Then there's this hormone which stimulates the formation of male genital organs of the baby (fetus). If the hormone is somehow insufficient, for example, it'll reduce the masculinity of the baby (fetus).

It'd be like any inborn errors (e.g kecacatan anggota). It's not fitrah, for sure. But still, it happens. If he accepts his fate with sabar and redha, Allah will reward him paradise.

So similarly, maybe homosexuality is just one of Allah's ways to test His slaves. To see how they react to his 'abnormality'. Whether to refrain themselves from it or to fall into temptations. If they abstains and stays on the right path, they will be considered as 'good gay muslims' and Allah will also reward them paradise.

Another example is sex maniacs. Hypersexuality is a valid medical condition, categorized under psychological disorders.

So, say if a muslim is unlucky enough to be tested by Allah with this condition, would it be logical to condemn him? Or to say that the condition doesn't exist because Allah has made everything according to fitrah?

What we should do is guide him to channel his sexual desires to a halal way. For instance, a spouse. Or if she can't meet her husband's sexual needs, ask him to practice polygyny.


In the US, homosexuality has been recently excluded from psychiatric textbooks. It is no longer considered an abnormality that needs to be cured by therapies or counseling sessions. That's just politics, if u ask me.

Time to shift your paradigm. Invent new methods of approach. Didikan agama is crucial, no doubt. But the presence of this 'Gay Imam' we've recently heard of, just proves that people do not necessarily become gay due to lack of religious knowledge.

Don't only judge or condemn. It's like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it brings you nowhere.

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