Dec 19, 2012

What The Fish?

I've got a new hobby now. Marine aquarium.

Fishes are soo peaceful. Every one of them has got their own behavior. Some are a bit aggressive. Some are territorial. Some just mind their own business and couldn't care less about what other fishes are doing.

Unlike people, they are not hypocrite. They show their true behaviors. That's what i like about them.

My father always taught me about the importance of 'ihsan' or doing good to animals. Feeding them is a form of 'sadaqah', as a hadis narrated by Bukhari & Muslim said, 

"No Muslim plants a plant or soils a seed and has it eaten by a bird, animal or human except that it will be a charitable act for him".

If you do someone a favor, he might not even thank you, let alone make doa for you. But animals do pray for you.

In a hadis narrated by Tirmizi, the Prophet p.b.u.h said, "The seeker of knowledge will be asked for forgiveness by everything in the heaven and the earth, including the fishes in the sea."

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