Sep 9, 2010

My International Stalkers

I dunno why suddenly, according to my blog traffic, people around the world were dropping by THIS BLOGPOST.

So far i got people from [New Delhi], [Germany] Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Herten, Ubstadt-weiher, Hamburg, Jüchen, [UK] Rochdale, Glasgow, London, [India] Cuttack, Orissa, [Colombo], [Islamabad], [Croatia], [Kosovo], [Maldives], [Mexico], [Holland], [France] Rillieux, Rhone-Alpes [USA] Illinois, Michigan, New York, [Australia] Victoria, [Russia], [Pakistan] Karachi, [Macedonia] Skopje, [Mauritius] and Terengganu (tetibe je, hehe)

Most of them arrived from google. I dunno maybe someone shared the link somewhere or something.

It's interesting to know where your blog readers are coming from, you know. And thanks to my traffic provider who makes it possible.


Other interesting google search [from which they found my blog] include:

Kuala Lumpur arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: FAQ LASIK" by searching for harga lasik malaysia.

Miri, Sarawak arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Anjakan paradigma?" by searching for apa yang dimaksudkan dengan anjakan paradigm .

Kuala Lumpur arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Gula: berapa gram sehari?" by searching for berapa sudu pengambilan gula sehari.

Barcelona, Catalonia arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Raja Namrud dan Myiasis" by searching for sarcoph.

Kuala Lumpur arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: On baby dumping" by searching for baby dumping solution.

Shah Alam, Selangor arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Doa Sempena Hari Kemerdekaan" by searching for doa hari kemerdekaan.

Kuala Lumpur arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Malaysian Medical Student Syndrome" by searching for malaysian medical student.

Ipoh, Perak arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Selamat Hari Raya - Khat Nasakh" by searching for selamat hari raya khat.

Kuala Lumpur arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Medic Al-Azhar Explained" by searching for adakah bagus belajar medic di mesir. (OUCH!)

Columbia, South Carolina arrived from on "Paradigm Shift: Misconception: Plastic Surgery" by searching for will you go to hell if you get plastic surgery. (LOL!)

......and many more to list (^_^)

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