Apr 25, 2013

Of Blogging and Plagiarizing

One of the easiest ways to make an investment for akhirat is to write. And by writing i mean beneficial stuff, not just updates on what you had for breakfast this morning… Or what you just bought yesterday at the mall… Or pictures of your cats etc.

Blogging is made easy nowadays. I started blogging back in April 2007, when having a blog was considered a privilege. And i've gone very far from then.

I started writing on comparative religion at first. But then i felt like the scope was too narrow, so i moved to this blog where i can write about whatever i want.

It was a lot of work. But since then, my blog has received lots of visitors, and this post is the most popular one i've ever written.

Writing has its perks. It lasts longer than, say, if u were to give a talk, or a sermon. Well, unless it's recorded and uploaded.

I've been plagiarized and copy-paste-d more than i can count, and they don't even have the decency to credit it to me or my blog.

It bothered me, at first. Made me feel unappreciated and ignored. But then i thought to myself that this is a really good opportunity to gain rewards from Allah.

There's no element of riyak (showing off), nor gloating because of the anonymity. So there's no loophole for syaitan to get to me.

So if you have a good thing to share, just write it down. The angels will never snooze and oversee it. You'll be amazed on the Day of Judgment when your Book of Deed is laid out in front of you.

Write! :)

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