Apr 1, 2013

April's Fool 2013 - Diamonds and its cheap knockoff

For generations, people have been paying tons of money to buy diamonds. Due to its exclusivity, it's considered as a girl's best friend. 

Say if a person comes to you and show something to you that looks like a diamond, shines like a diamond, and feels like a diamond, but with a waaay cheaper price. It was soo convincing that we thought we're actually holding a real diamond. 

So we buy it, polish it, keep it in a safe place. But in reality, it's actually a cheap knockoff made in China. But it feels so real that we wouldn't be able to tell the difference. 

Sometimes we think what we do is the real thing that originates from Islam. But in reality it is the handiwork of Satan. It has no relation whatsoever with the syariah or sunnah, but it looks like it's a good thing. So why not?

Sure people nowadays can tell right from wrong. But Satan is sneaky. Seducing people to do wrongdoings seems too cliché. So what he does is trying to make a sin looks like a good deed. That way, people will keep doing it as they are under the impression that they are doing 'amal soleh', when they're actually not.

It's what we call 'talbis iblis' (devil's deception). Satan's scam, if you will. We all have been April Fooled by Satan, unfortunately :(


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